Sàn giao dịch công nghệ; chợ công nghệ; chuyển giao công nghệ; thanh lý máy móc; dây chuyền công nghệ; hội chợ công nghệ

Sàn giao dịch công nghệ; chợ công nghệ; chuyển giao công nghệ; thanh lý máy móc; dây chuyền công nghệ; hội chợ công nghệ

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Water Cooled Air Conditioner for Kitchen

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Thông tin nhà cung cấp

Portable air conditioner for cool and pleasant workspace 

It cools down the cooking workshop / kitchen / industrial site, increasing work efficiency 


- Creates a pleasant and clean workspace

  · Prevents failure rate and reduced work efficiency due to mechanical heat and hot weather

- It can be conveniently used anywhere both indoors and outdoors 

  · It can be used anywhere both indoors and outdoors. Operator of product can directly control the air directions. 

- Easy to move

  · Rotating wheel makes it possible to move the product 

- Resistant to high temperature and humidity

- Easy to install because it does not need an outdoor unit  

Water cooled air conditioner 

  · As it does not need outside exhaust duct, it can be installed in a narrow space 

  · Built-in valve that automatically adjusts the amount of coolant prevents unnecessary coolant loss.

  · Low noise because no cooling fan is needed 

  · Easy to connect the hose using one-touch connectors

  · The hot water from the air conditioner can be used for cleaning

Installation place / Installation cases

Cooking workshop, kitchen, summer camp, warehouse, industrial, welding, heat treatment, repair shop, high temperature workshop, machine room, car center, logistics warehouse, etc. 



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