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Mini dust dust collector (High Pressure)

Ngày đăng: 19/12/2019

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Usages and Features

It is used for processing in the electrical/electronic industries, such as smartphones, chips, PCB boards; preparation of chemicals; automobile parts such as bumpers; printing processing, etc.; elimination of the dust from the product that moves to the conveyor; and elimination of the dust attached to the product by static 

Korea's first ultra-compact! Ultra light! Ultra high pressure!

● Made-to-order according to the work environment

● Unlike ordinary dust collectors, it eliminates dust attached to smartphone LCDs and PCBs.

● It can be installed near the dust source by connecting diverse hoses to the inlet port (38 Φ) 

Product configuration 

Equipped with 12 kPa ultra high pressure high performance blower

1. Primary filter: Collects large dust

2. Ultra high pressure high performance blower: With innovative high performance blower, it exhibits powerful suction     power

3. Secondary filter: Finally filter out fine dust that has passed through the primary filter

4. Tertiary filter: Eliminates various odors generated during processing


Processing of smartphone, chip, sensor, PCB board, LCD panel, Semiconductor processing 

Film making, printing, PET bottle labeling, etc.