Sàn giao dịch công nghệ; chợ công nghệ; chuyển giao công nghệ; thanh lý máy móc; dây chuyền công nghệ; hội chợ công nghệ

Sàn giao dịch công nghệ; chợ công nghệ; chuyển giao công nghệ; thanh lý máy móc; dây chuyền công nghệ; hội chợ công nghệ

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Smart 3000

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Thông tin nhà cung cấp

Thông số kỹ thuật:

DC-AC Inverter  
Continuous power 3000W + 10%
Max. Surge power 7000W ± 10%/ 50ms
Nominal DC input voltage 48 VDC
I Standby <= 1500mA
AC output voltage range At normal load adjustable: 220V – 240 VAC
Frequency 50Hz ± 1Hz
Output waveform True sine wave, distortion <= 3%
Efficiency 88%  at normal load
Power factor Cosj  >= 0.8  
Low voltage disconnect (L.V.D) Factory setting 42V ± 3%
System Manual reset by AC power switch (Over load, LVD) > 42 V ± 3%
UPS Function  
AC Input voltage range 180 – 250VAC
Frequency 50 Hz ± 1Hz
Off line UPS, transfer time 10 -12 ms
AC pass though current 13A
Search Mode  
I Standby <= 100mA
Detect power (on £ 10s, off £ 30s) 30W
Operation range 20 m and using in no special interference
DC-DC Converter  
Nominal DC input voltage 48 VDC
DC  operating range 42 – 58 VDC
DC output voltage 12V  ± 3%
Max.  DC output current 20A
DC protection output >= 20 A (Electronic protection)
Battery Charger  
Charge type  Sealed gel /AGM Flooded Lead Acid
2-Step charger Boost charge 56 -57V 59 - 60V
Float charge (Constant Vol.) 55.2V ± 0.5V 55.2V ± 0.5V
Recharge 50.4 ± 0.5V 53.2V ± 0.5V
Max. Charging current of
AC grid/ generator and DC solar/ wind, hydro, add.
20A/ 50A/50A
Overload AC AC output voltage will be decreased
Over temperature, L.V.D AC/DC power cut off
Reverse polarity DC fuse protected
Charging Sources – Led lighting  
Solar - active Green
Wind/ Hydro/ Add - active Green (lighting I charge >= 5A)
Grid - active Green
Charging - active Orange
Battery level monitor  
Full 56 -57V / 59 - 60V /Green
Normal >= 49.2V ± 2%  /  Green
Low >= 44V ± 2%  / Orange
Empty <=42V ± 2%  /  Red
Meter/ Fan/ Fuse & others  
DC voltage meter 75V
AC voltage meter 300V
AC/DC charging current meter 20A/50A/50A – At 48VDC
DC fuse input/ DC Breaker/AC Breaker 150A/100A /15A
Fan  7, Thermally controlled
Climatic condition 10 – 45°C
Dimension (L x W x H) mm 530 x 424 x 800
Weight Appr. 60kgs
EC compliance EN60742, 1995; EN50075, 1990; EN55014-1; EN55014-2; EN 61000-3-2; EN61000-3-3; EN50091-1-2,1996; EN60950
EC Directives Low-voltage

Công ty TNHH SX&TM; cơ điện điện tử Việt Linh

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